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At Sword Fish, we offer the Blue Cave Snorkeling Tour, Large Panorama Sea Kayak Tour, marine sports and other great activities.


Blue Cave SnorkelingIntroductory Diving Course

Area : Onna Village
Required Time: Approx. 200 Minutes

Enter another world found in the Blue Cave!

Course A (Exciting Blue Cave Snorkeling Tour) + Course B (Introductory Diving Tour) + Underwater Photo & Video
A great new course with everything you want!

  • 青の洞窟
  • 沖縄の海
  • 餌付けスノーケル
  • カラフルな熱帯魚たち
  • シャワールーム
  • ドライヤー
  • コインロッカー

A highly recommended course for those looking to fully enjoy their underwater experience in Okinawa.

  • ¥12,100/person (Inc. Tax)

Included in the Tour Rate

  • スノーケル器材レンタル

    Necessary Equipment

  • ダイビング器材レンタル

    Necessary Equipment

  • ドリンクサービス


  • 更衣室

    Dressing Room

  • シャワー


  • 講習料

    Course Fee

  • 保険料

    Insurance Fee

  • 水中写真

    Underwater Photo

Tour Schedule

Choose from six starting times offered every day that best meets your convenience.

  • (1) 10:00
  • (2) 11:00
  • (3) 12:00
  • (4) 13:00
  • (5) 14:00
  • (6) 15:00

To Participate Must be 10-69 years old, and without medical issues
* For those 60 and older, we require a medical certificate from a doctor.
Tour Rate ¥ 12,100/person (Inc. Tax)
Included in the Tour Rate Necessary Equipment Usage, Drink, Shower/Dressing Room Use, Course Fee, Insurance Fee, Underwater Photos (24 shots)
What to Bring Swimwear, towel, change of clothes, hair tie if you have long hair
(Please arrive wearing your swimwear under your clothes)
Required Time Required Time: Approx. 200 Minutes
Schedule Choose from six starting times offered every day that best meets your convenience:
(1) 10:00, (2) 11:00, (3) 12:00, (4) 13:00, (5) 14:00, (6) 15:00
Course Flow Meet ⇒ Orientation/Instructions ⇒ Change into Gear ⇒ Start Tour ⇒ Shower/Change ⇒ Finish
Meeting Point/Time Please be at the meeting point 20 minutes before the scheduled course time.
The meeting point for the Blue Cave Course is Ryukyu Mura.
[Address] 1130 Yamada, Onna Village, Kunigami, Okinawa Prefecture
MAPCODE:206 033 067*77
» Check the meeting point
Shuttle Service We do not offer shuttle services. Please make your own arrangements to the meeting point.
Note *There are showers and changing rooms available for your convenience.
*We accept group reservations.
Attention *Please note that the tour courses and locations are subject to change or cancellation depending on the weather and sea conditions.
*The tour is not available for pregnant women, and those under the influence of alcohol.
*We also ask that you refrain from drinking heavily the night before the tour.
* To avoid decompression sickness, please do not fly (on the day) after your diving tour.
*The tour is not available for those with a history of epileptic, circulatory, respiratory, and/or diabetic issues, or other medical issues, and also for pregnant women (or those who may be pregnant).

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Application Form

For smoother tour flow, please print and fill out our participation/application form in advance. *For a party of 5 or more participants, please be sure to print and fill out the application form in advance.

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